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When no other family member or individual is able or willing to serve as a trustee, we will gladly take on that responsibility. We work with:


Special needs trusts | Family trusts | Grantor trusts | Education trusts | Testamentary trusts

Power of attorney

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We also work with investment managers to institute and design an investment program in order to meet your goals. We keep you and the necessary agencies informed with periodic financial reports. We provide court and other accounting, and file any required tax returns as well.

Working with you

Full guardianship

  • Guardian of the person

  • Guardian of the property

  • Limited guardianship

  • Conservatorship

Serving as guardian

We will also take on all financial management services, including:

Working with attorneys, bankers, brokers, and tax preparers to safeguard trust finances | Reconciling bank and brokerage statements | Paying bills | Balancing checkbooks

Trust our professional staff

We are willing to take on the responsibility

We gladly assume all financial management services, such as:

  • Paying bills, balancing checkbooks, reconciling bank statements

  • Working with attorneys, bankers, brokers, and tax preparers in order to safe guard your personal finances.

  • Monitoring of an existing investment program to ensure the continuity of income, as well as developing and maintaining a program that meets your personal needs.

  • Submitting quarterly reports

  • Providing court accountings

  • Filing medical insurance claims

  • Reviewing insurance programs to maintain adequate coverage and reduce unnecessary duplication

  • Filing tax returns

  • Arranging maintenance and repair services for your home

  • Disposing of real and personal property, as well as managing any rental property

As guardian of the property:

As guardian of the person:

If the individual is elderly and resides in a controlled environment, including a nursing home, we can offer over-sight for his or her physical and emotional well-being by the following services:

  • Arranging for geriatric care managers or nurses to ensure that the appropriate, proper care is being provided

  • Making sure all health care decisions are in accordance with previously established guidelines

  • Carrying out advance medical directives