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We are here to help and welcome any inquires from individuals, family members, friends, caregivers, clergy and care and financial professionals, brokers, bankers, accountants, nurses, therapists, physicians hospice and hospital staff and managers.


Get the help you need today. We are here to help.

Hospital discharge | Senior citizenship | Physical impairment | Mental impairment | Temporary illness | Death of a spouse | Stress or emotional difficulties | Aging or ailing ones in distant locations


If you're looking for help, whether it's for yourself, a family member, or you have a professional concern about someone, we can work with your help.


Preserving assets:

  • We pay your household bills on a timely basis in order to ward off late charges or even suspension of service

  • Reconciling your bank statements

  • Reviewing your insurance policies with appropriate agents in order to be sure your coverage is adequate

  • Arranging for maintenance and care for your home by familiar people you know and trust

  • Reviewing your bills to ensure products and services are satisfactory

  • Filing your medical insurance claims


Maintaining safety:

  • Get rid of the need for you to keep large amounts of cash at home

  • Ensure you're getting the services you need (A 1993 AARP national report found many cases of self-neglect and unintentional neglect by family members are due to stress, ignorance, or their own age and frailty)

  • Networking with professionals involved with your care in order to coordinate services just for you


Reducing the risk of being exploited: We ensure the following:

  • Not overcharge for products or services you need

  • Not being taken advantage of by unscrupulous people selling products or services you don't want or need

  • Cutting back on the possibility of elder abuse by having an independent company involved

  • Reviewing any unusual or suspicious request for money


Reducing the likelihood of costly duplication:

  • Reviewing your medical insurance policies in order to avoid double coverage issues

  • Protecting you from paying a bill more than once


Peace of mind:

  • You know your financial situation is being handled by capable, professional, caring people

  • You have professionals who handle the confusing maze of paperwork and cut through the red tape of bureaucracy

  • You have a personal representative to discuss your financial concerns with in confidence

  • You know that a dedicated team of professionals are working to safeguard your best interests

  • You have someone to talk with and make sure things get done

The desire to entrust the management of all or part of one's needs can occur because of:

Call us today to arrange an appointment at your earliest convenience. We encourage you to have your relative present, as well as any advisor you may have, in case they have additional questions.

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