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Who was the one that made sure everything was ok for us? Your mom and dad. They took pride in maintaining themselves, their homes, their finances. And as we gained independence, so did they. Is it still that way?


Many aspects of aging, such as loss in muscle tone or skin tone, have no connection to your parents physical or mental capacity to manage their lives. But a sudden event may change that.


Urge them to visit a doctor who is familiar with geriatric illnesses and keep in touch on a regular basis. It's just as important to keep yourself educated and informed about illnesses that affect older people and prepare for the future.

We network with agencies and professionals who offer specialized services that are 100% dedicated to helping the elderly and aging maintain both their dignity and independence.

Piles of unopened mail | Late notices for bills | Utilities being cut off | Bills being paid twice | Missing checks in the bank statement | Missing cash | Food spoiling in the refrigerator | Weight loss | A decline in personal grooming | The home is not being maintained | Packratting documents or mementos | Refusing to throw things away | Wandering aimlessly | Getting lost in familiar surroundings | Refusing to let someone familiar into the home | Reluctance to leave home | Paranoia over unlikely events | Blowing things out of proportion | Nitpicking | Lack of orientation to time and place | Lack of willingness to discuss problems | Recent development of belligerence

When it's time to help: Some key indications

Think back to your childhood