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The Sterling Care Group, provides financial management services to ensure that bills are paid on time, goods and services are satisfactory, and there are no late charges. We manage our clients’ finances so they have the things they need, from basic utilities to food, and all their bills are paid and living expenses accounted for.


We manage your bank and brokerage accounts, review insurance coverage, both health and liability policies, and can arrange maintenance of your home, file insurance claims, and, when the time comes, arrange funeral needs. Whenever necessary, we can assist you or a loved one in obtaining government benefits such as Medicare, Social Security Income, or Social Security Disability Income. We employ Certified Social Workers, Accountants, CPAs, and Attorneys to provide professional, capable, caring services for our clients.


As your personal money manager, The Sterling Care Group will reduce the risk of exploitation from being over charged for products or services. We will also make sure that you’re not taken advantage of by disreputable persons selling goods or services you neither want nor need. Having an independent company involved on your side has also proven to reduce the risk of elder abuse. As your financial administrator, we will also work to ensure you’re not paying for duplicate insurance coverage, protecting you from accidentally double paying bills. We provide peace of mind by giving you the knowledge that capable, caring people are managing your financial affairs.


We know it's not easy to hand over day-to-day control of your finances...

But when the need arises or you have a problem, where can you place your trust and confidence?

  • Trust: Reliance on the character, ability, strength or truth of a person or group

  • Confidence: Faith that someone will act in an upright and proper manner, in accordance with principles that you have mutually agreed to uphold


Trust and confidence can take a lifetime to build


We're bonded by a highly-rated insurance company. Our CPA, licensed by the State Division of Consumer Affairs, has more than 40 years combined experience helping individuals just like you, with taxes, retirement planning, and money management.


Understanding your concern about having someone else handle your finances


Firstly, our recommendation is that you continue to consult the trusted professionals that you've worked with over the years, such as your accountant, tax preparer, attorney, banker, insurance agent, stockbroker, or a trusted friend or relative.


We encourage you to preserve these long-term relationships for years to come. We would be happy to become an effective member of this network, and join these other professionals to help you preserve your assets via prudent management.


Getting to know you and your preferences

Your questions and requests will be handled in a caring, professional manner, which adds to the diversity and outstandingness of our services.


The Sterling Care Group officer will review your account each month and send you a quarterly financial statement, as well as to anyone you have designated for review.


Our property management services will make sure your home is well maintained by people you can trust.


Finally, if your circumstances change, you can terminate our services with 45 days written notice.

Contact us today to learn how our financial management services can protect you in New Jersey and throughout the USA.


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